UFC 167: Georges St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks – Fight Prediction By Kyle Delaney

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At UFC 167 in the Main Event Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre puts his title back on the line. His opponent is wrestler and power puncher Johny Hendricks.

GSP is the king of the Welterweight Division with countless title defenses against a list of exceptional challengers. Johny Hendricks is a challenger that presents quite a few problems for him.

With a collegiate wrestling background and ability to knockout practically anyone in the Welterweight Division Johny Hendricks is one of the most for real challengers GSP has faced. A hungry challenger who has all the confidence in the world when it comes to taking GSP’s belt.

Georges St-Pierre’s balanced fighting style will look to put an end to the hype surrounding Big Rig. Being the UFC’s and MMA’s most skilled wrestlers Rush will most definitely see what the challenger is made of.

Will Johny Hendricks shock the world and KO GSP or will Georges St-Pierre earn another dominant victory over Big Rig and solidify his legacy as one of the best ever?

Tune in for a fight breakdown and prediction of Georges St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks on the UFC 167 card.