Meet The Team

The MMA Analysis team is dedicated to bringing you the best fight predictions that can win you money! In addition the team does a weekly podcast on the Radio Influence Network which features news from the MMA world and interviews with MMA fighters!

Meet The Team!

Lance Fischel – Co-Founder + Co-Host + Rankings Guru

Lance has been with the MMA Analysis since the beginning and co-owner of the site + podcast. He is an avid MMA fan, and a former professional sports gambler/handicapper. Lance has been making money off of MMA events for years, and brings his betting experience to the MMA-Analysis. Being a former wrestler Lance has a love for MMA because it’s the closest thing to wrestling, and he loves seeing all the former wrestlers throw down! Lance is originally from Rochester, New York but currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his lovely wife Helena. His favorite MMA fight is Maynard/Edgar III at UFC 136. His favorite fighters are Ryan Bader and Chael Sonnen. You can follow him on Twitter

Pete DiLorenzo – Host + Producer

Pete is the host and producer of The MMA Analysis podcast, as well as a content contributor to and a Jaco Clothing sponsored certified fitness trainer and instructor  Pete has been training in MMA since 2003 and has managed several gyms and health-clubs over the past two decades.  Pete was also a co-owner  of a popular fantasy MMA site (sold his stake,) but has since turned his attention back to fitness training and instruction.  His favorite fight is Matt Serra vs GSP at UFC 69. His favorite fighters are Matt Serra, Rich Franklin and Frank Mir. You can follow him on Twitter

Andrew Nixon – Co-Host + Analyst

Andrew is a regular co-host of The MMA Analysis podcast.  His favorite fight is Dan Henderson vs. Shogun at UFC 139. He watches every major MMA show that he can, but goes out of his way to watch Eddie Alvarez, Dan Henderson, Frankie Edgar, Jose Aldo, and Jon Fitch. You can follow him on Twitter.

Kyle Delaney – Video Contributor

Kyle is a regular video contributor to The MMA Analysis website. He provides video MMA analysis, including predictions, breakdowns, and recaps. In the past, Kyle has written for CouchFighter. Kyle is a teacher, coach, and family man. He has nothing but the utmost respect for the entire MMA community. You can follow him on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook!

Ivan Saenz – Co-Founder + Social Media+ Public Relations + Guest Host

Ivan is the Co-Owner and Co-Creator of The MMA Analysis site + podcast. Ivan is in charge of running The MMA Analysis Twitter and promoting the podcast and site on Twitter. Ivan is a huge MMA fan who’s looking to help you win money with our betting predictions. He first got into MMA at UFC 66 when Chuck Liddell beat Tito Ortiz. Ever since then he has been a huge MMA fan. His Favorite fights are Dan Henderson vs. Shogun Rua at UFC 139 and Gray Maynard vs Frankie Edgar III at UFC 136. His favorite fighters are Cain Velasquez and Frankie Edgar. Twitter

Jay Primetown – Content Contributor + Rankings Guru + Co-Host

Jay is a content contributor and regular co-host of Jay has been following  the sport of MMA since the start of the UFC in the mid 1990’s. Jay is an avid bettor and will be providing his fighter profiles for Jay is born and raised in the great state of New Jersey and has a fond appreciation for any fighter who hails from the greater tri-state area. His favorite fight is Royce Gracie vs Dan Severn at UFC 4. His favorite fighters are Vitor Belfort, TJ Grant, Jim Miller, and Chael Sonnen. Twitter

Casey Hofhenke – Staff Writer + Rankings Guru

Casey is a staff writer and rankings guru for  Casey is based in the middle of several rice fields in the small Northern California town of Willows, Casey owns a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the former Playboy number one party school Chico State University. A martial artist since the age of five, he also owns a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Huddled around a small T.V. with his father and uncle one fateful day in November of 1993, Casey found what would lead to many more hours on the mat and much more money down the drain, MMA. A soon to be father of two, Casey spends most of his free time chasing after children and obeying his wife. Twitter

Joseph Garner – Content Contributor  + Guest Host

Joseph is a content contributor and guest host of The MMA-Analysis. An avid MMA fan since UFC 100, he has taken it upon himself to become a UFC historian and prides himself on his knowledge of the sport. He also is a very proficient MMA bettor, and is always willing to share advice or strike up discussion about potential match-ups. His favorite fight is Frankie Edgar/Gray Maynard III at UFC 136, which he was lucky enough to watch live. His favorite fighter is the one who helps make him the most money. Twitter

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Site Owners: Lance & Ivan


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